Studies at the Department of Sociology - general information


The Department of Sociology offers study programmes in both Czech and English. The Sociology and Social Anthropology programmes are taught in Czech.
In English, the Department of Sociology offers three study programmes: 1) the Bachelor's programme Global Challenges 2) the Master's programme Sociology and 3) the Master's programme Cultural Sociology.

More detailed information about the degree programs can be found on their websites:

Global Challenges:
English programme of Sociology:
Cultural Sociolgy:

These degree programmes are based on the department's long-standing focus on sociological and social anthropological research and theoretical work on contemporary social issues such as migration, social inequalities, and the development of post-socialist societies.

The fields of Master and Doctoral study in Sociology are open to graduates of Bachelor and Master programs in related fields, such as social anthropology or gender studies, but also history, religious science, economics, psychology, political science, philosophy, law or media studies.

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