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Iniciační piknik + Antropopivo

16 Sep 2021

I am cordially inviting You to events we are throwing next
Thursday (16.9.2021). In the afternoon (16:00) there will be an 'Initiation
picnic' in Lužánky park for our new colleagues who are joining our studies this
semester, and of course, For You. In the evening (20:00) there will be an
'AnthropoThursday' in Absenter for the whole anthropology community.

We are cordially inviting you (and politely call you) to participate on the
Initiation picnic.

We want to mediate a meeting among the students and professors outside of the
faculty building. You can get an option to have a chat with them and get to
know them, as they reciprocally can get an option to get to know You. Your
participation on the picnic is very important to us and we would treasure it.
Please, let us know as soon as possible, whether You want to/are able to join
us on Thursday 16th of September at 16:00 for this little gathering and we will
eventually provide You with more organisation info. I will now on dare to
continue this e-mail as if You confirmed Your attendance.

During the picnic we will play a game of 'a date with the professor'. The
whole point of the activity is to assure that everyone gets a chance to get to
know everyone at least for a tiny bit. We will distribute the newcommers into
as many groups as there will be professor on site (therefore, ideally four).
You, the professors, will then distribute Youreslves among the groups (one
professor per group). For a certain time interval (probably 5 minutes) You will
have an opportunity to meet this group, tell something about Yourself and
ideally answer some questions. When the time goes out, You, the professors will
move to the group on Your left (to a group, which will now be professor-less as
You will all move on the same time) and the cycle repeats at least until You
made one full round.

To make the 'date with the professor' more interesting, we would like to ask
You to bring with You an object, which is somehow iconic of Your anthropology
(a thing which 'stores it and stories it', if You will :) ). It can be anything
- a camera, notepad, piece of clothing, accessory, talisman. That will be Your
icebreaker. When starting a session with a group, You will use it to introduce
Yourself and Your anthropology.

On the site, there will be food prepared by us, Your students, wine (served
normally and hot with spices), non-alcoholic drinks and an option to prepare
hot coffee. We will gladly treat You like our most precious guests, so You can
happily attend to the newest additions to our anthropology community.

You can follow the event 'Initiation picnic' here:



After the picnic we will NOT be done with the fresh(wo)men yet! After we clean
up the site together and store everything at Eliška Beránková's nearby place,
we will move to 'Absenter' pub, where we are throwing the first AnthropoThursday of this academic year! You are cordially invited to join us as well!

AnthropoThursday officialy starts at 20:00, although I plan on bringing the
fresh(wo)men there earlier (around 19:00) so they can get a chance to catch a
breath. After 20:00 the AA community is going to slowly materialise around them
(us) and greet them into itself (I hope!). We would be very glad if You joined
us for the evening as well!

You can follow the event 'AnthropoThursday' here:


For the AA collective and organisation teams cordially,
Jan Albrecht

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